Testimonials from the frontline:

You have all heard the song “Letters from Home“, it tells how important those letters are to the Troops. Likewise with care packages. One soldier sent his mom a great big thanks for the hand and toe warmers. He said he pasted the toe warmers all over his back and stuffed hand warmers in every pocket to keep warm while on missions during the biting cold of winter in Iraq.
Thanks Mom

One young woman in the Military would give her mom (at mom’s promptings) a wish list, with things like, snacks, pictures of her daughter, lotion for very dry skin. All of the things she received made her feel like she still had a conection to home.
Love you Mom


Thoughts from moms:

One proud mom of a Marine reported that after her son was deployed she would wander the aisles of the stores just looking for things to send. She packed items like wet wipes to clean away the sand and grit, healthy snacks that were light weight in packaging. The weight was essential because her son’s pack already weighed 100 pounds. She also looked for things that were securely sealed after she found out there were mice even in Afghanistan. Love you and miss you son

Another mom said when she was informed by her son that he often had to sleep outside, under the Humvee while away from base, sent tuna in pouches and dried nuts and fruit. This gave him extra energy and variety instead of the same old MREs the Army provided. When he told her his lips were cracked and chapped from the sand, sun and dust, she sent chap stick.
Love you and count the days until you come home. Mom